TOURUST TRAPPED - OCT 2020 Exhibit By Fessey
Steven Gordon Fessey is a designer and digital illustrator who currently resides in Winter Park, Florida. Born in 1983 and raised in Worcester, England he has spent the best part of the last ten years in the central Florida area.

As an avid antique collector much of his work is inspired by vintage advertising (especially mascots), promotional items and ephemera. His design education was routed in screen print gig poster art and concert flyers.

His selected personal works entitled "Tourist: Trapped" focus on structures and buildings from his time in Florida. The show is split into two distinct styles. His front facing flat illustrations are stark graphic portraits of buildings he views as a new type of Americana. Although simple they also invoke simple joys. Fessey's more illustrative work is a tribute to classic matchbook designs and their ability to sell you on the most mundane.

Created for the show "Rental Cars and Salad Bars: Part 1" is the first in a four part series. He draws influence from his first trip to the US where seemingly ordinary buildings had a sacred or reverent feel to them. Fessey's day at Disney was not the highlight of the vacation. It was the big box stores, discounted name brand clothing at Ross and the food court of the mall. Although rendered in a detailed manner abstractions and colors appear in the holographic medium as the viewer moves around the work alluding to our fragmented memories of places from our past and how we picture them in our dreams. The white ink fades into the background and all is left are the neon lights that illuminate the highway and lure you inside - the all you can eat salad bar awaits.